Ada Bednarz is a self-taught travel photojournalist currently based out of New Jersey. She began photographing during her travels with People to People International, an organization promoting and fostering cultural understanding through student exchange, in order to tell the stories of the cultures, peoples, and places she visited and encountered. She has since participated in workshops with National Geographic Expeditions, New York Times Journeys, and at the International Center of Photography to expand upon her knowledge and continue learning from experts in the field of photography.

Ada primarily focuses on photographing places and peoples around the world; however, she occasionally enjoys dabbling in fashion photography because she believes clothing also tells a part of a person’s or country’s story. When she is not busy photographing, Ada enjoys reading, writing, swimming, hiking, exploring, and spending time with family and friends.

Current exhibit

Light Movement

Les Malamut Art Gallery

January - February 2019

Past Exhibitions


Les Malamut Art Gallery

July - August 2018

Gallery on the Boulevard

October - November 2018